LWML Mission of the Month – March 2020


Your Mite Box located in the rear of our Sanctuary collects your loose change to support many Missions, some close to home and others around the world. This month we would like to share with you: “Lights for Christ Scholarships” - The Lights for Christ Program in Zacapa, Guatemala, provides     spiritual, physical, and educational support for children and their families who are economically dependent on the municipal landfill. With your mites, this mission grant will provide funding to expand the Lights for Christ Program and share Christ’s blessings, enabling children to continue their Christian education in grades seven through twelve and rise above the poverty of their families. 


Thank you for your donations! We are getting close to our biennial goal as you can see by the thermometer above the large mite box at the back of the church!  Please help us to reach it by the end of this month!!! -  Your Lutheran Woman’s Missionary League

Mark Your Calendars!

The ladies who have been in attendance at our first two LWML gatherings of 2020 have decided to meet the third Thursday of each month, if possible.  That means that we will be meeting March 19 at 7:00 p.m.  Our meeting place will be different – at the home of Dorothy Witt, Marianne Avery, and Peggy Bush!!  Their address is 523 W. Chicago Blvd., Britton.  It would be helpful if those attending would bring a Bible.  We would enjoy seeing each of you there!  You may want to pencil in the gathering date for each month on your calendars as an early         reminder!!


In addition to noting the future gatherings on your calendar, you may also want to make note of the district LWML convention which will be held Friday, July 10 – Sunday, July 12 in Gaylord, Michigan.  Join your fellow Christian ladies in song, laughter, Bible studies, and catching up on what is all going on in the       district.  Hope to see lots of you there!!


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Used Postage Stamps

Please read - Criteria has changed

Stamps For Missions The LWML Michigan District is once again  saving stamps to help support Becky Grossman, a Lutheran   Bible Translator. You are asked to save old (1935 & older) stamps, foreign stamps, and special commemorative stamps. Stamps should be trimmed to 1/8” around the stamp and then sorted into the 3 categories mentioned above. It has been decided that the  return for the flag stamps and other  common stamps (including not for profit) was not that great. We will turn in those that are already sorted and given to the district but will concentrate our efforts on the other stamps which are a better return on investment of time and effort. Your trimmed and sorted stamps can be given to your zone president or a district officer if one is living in your area. They can then be brought to a district board meeting. Thank you for your help in supporting Becky Grossman, LBT, in this way. 

Gerri Nelson, Vice President Caring Ministries  


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Thank you for your support and may God bless you!