A Word from Pastor Dave

For May, 2019

Continued Easter blessings to our Emmanuel Family,

            As I sit down to write this newsletter article, I am still relishing in the excitement and hope of the celebration of Easter. What a wonderful time of the year it is for us, as God’s redeemed people, to rejoice in the joy of our salvation. Christ is risen. He is risen, indeed! Halleluiah!

            Through the upcoming month of May we will be immersed in the season of Easter. This season will officially come to an end 50 days after Easter Sunday, on June 9th, Pentecost. But to be truthfully honest with you, you and I, as members of the body of Christ, should be living in the blessed hope and assurance of the Easter resurrection message throughout the entire year. Every day we have the opportunity to bask in the love of God that comes to us in Christ Jesus, as we look forward to the day of our own resurrection; A day when we will enjoy the ultimate experience of spending eternal glory, with our Lord God Almighty, in both body and spirit. What a time of unbelievable celebration that is going to be for each one of us dear brothers and sisters in the faith. This is affirmed in 1 Corinthians 15:20-23, “But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep. For as by a man came death, by one man has also come the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ the first-fruits, than at His coming those who belong to Christ.”

            In the month of May there is going to be a number of special services and activities going on here at Emmanuel that I hope you will plan on making a part of your schedule. On May 5th we will be having a Voter’s Meeting, with a potluck meal, after church service. This is a good opportunity to find out about the business, finances, and ministry of our congregation. It is also a chance to be able voice any concerns which may be on your mind, as well as offer any words of encouragement that you might want share with the assembly. On May 12th, we will be having a special service to honor our mothers and the blessing of motherhood. It will be a contemporary service setting for that day. Then on Sunday, May 19th, we will have a Confirmation service, to celebrate the faith of our confirmand, Chesney Wilke, as she makes a profession of her Christian faith before God, her family, her Pastor, and the congregation of which she is a member of. Please come and support this young saint as she matures and grows in her life as a Christian. Sunday, May 26th, brings us to Memorial Day weekend. In our service that morning we will be making it a special point to honor those who have served our country faithfully in the Armed Forces and have left this life. Later in the day, we will be placing small American flags on the fence along the front side of Lake Ridge Cemetery. The flags will remain up until after 4th of July.

            Last month I shared that I was reading a book entitled “Revitalization in the Church.” I have since finished reading this publication. There was much educational and valuable information I was able to glean from this material. The most important aspect in the area of revitalization within a church has to do with a sound preaching, teaching, and studying of God’s Word. The Pastor and spiritual leaders of the congregation need to make these items a top priority within the structure of the congregation’s ministry. Any future development or growth in a church has to be firmly grounded on Holy Scripture. If it is built on anything else it is destined to fail in the eyes of God.

            Another vital facet of true revitalization within a church has to do with the prayer life of the membership. Through the means of prayer the body of Christ has the blessed opportunity to connect with the Lord in a personal way and also tap into His almighty power. Through the power of God and the working of His Holy Spirit, in the lives of the people of God, some amazing things happen. On our own there is little we can do to make a difference for Christ in our church, let alone in the world around us. But with God all things are possible. I sincerely hope that we, as a congregation, can be known as people of prayer.

            I am confident we can see revitalization here at Emmanuel. But, I believe it will only take place, if we are willing to submit to the will of the Lord and commit to being in worship, God’s Word, and prayer on a regular basis. And having done all this may we grow in our faith, may our church be built up, and may God be glorified.             

fellow servant of Christ,      

  Pastor McCarty