Those Who Serve Emmanuel Lutheran Church

A reminder for those who are scheduled to serve in the month of December, 2018:


Don Schroeder


Elder Assistant:

Dave Stahl



Troy Phillips

Bonnie Turner



Jan. 6 – Hailey Ketchum

Jan. 13 – Brett NcNicol

Jan. 20 – Hailey Ketchum

Jan. 27 – Brett NcNicol




Jan. 6 – Rudy Meyer

Jan. 13 – Rudy Meyer

Jan. 20 – Lorrie Tritt

Jan. 27 – Bruce Siebarth


Altar Care:

Karen Siebarth


Money Tellers:

Donna Olsen Bowen

Sue Ellen Smith







Thank you for serving!

If you are unable to serve on your Sunday, please contact the person in charge of the area you're scheduled to serve in.