LWML Mission of the Month – 

July, 2020 

    Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Grant #12 —   Women’s Witness and Mercy Asia Mission Central — $100,000

Your Mite Box located in the rear of our Sanctuary collects your loose change to   support many Missions, some close to home and others around the world. This month we would like to share with you:  Asia is a harvest field ripe for the Gospel.  Lutheran Women in Mission realize that our grants to missionaries bring God’s Word to a dying world. Asia is predominantly secular, with Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, and other false religions.  This grant will provide funds to support 10  women in the work they are doing in Asia through flights to and from their mission location, local transportation, insurance, supplies, materials, computers, payment for the education of their children, and other physical support.

Thank you for your donations!  The Michigan District has met its goal and will set new ones at the virtual district convention in July.  The national LWML is on target for meeting theirs!!  Please continue to fill the mite box as our district sets its new goal to reach in two years!! 

Your Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

Happy Birthday, America!! 

Have a happy Fourth!

 Due to horrible internet connections, changes for the virtual district LWML convention will most likely have to be made.  Ladies, we will contact you for definite details if and when this will be taking place.  Sorry that it probably cannot be watched via livestreaming. 


Please mark your calendars for the Monroe zone fall rally which will be held at Christ the King, Lambertville October 24, with registration and refreshments at 8:30 a.m. and meeting at 9:00 a.m.  We pray our speaker will still be Becky  Grossmann, a translator with Lutheran Bible Translators. She receives the money raised from the postage stamps we have sent in.  Gifts of Love will be financial gifts for LBT.  Becky could bring purses and bags made by Liberian artisans, with money from these going to the artisans who made them. 


                                                                                      * * * * * * * 

Thank you for your support and may God bless you!