Ken Huner, Chairman

First and foremost, I pause in thankfulness to our God and Savior for all that He has done for us individually and for us as a congregation.

Our God has indeed blessed us financially.  By the end of this year our total receipts for 2019 came to $137,521.47 (just short of our Budget of $138,600.00).  Our total expenses came to $130,909.19.  The good news is that we ended the year with a surplus of $6,612.28!  First and foremost, we thank the Lord for His Grace and Goodness in helping us be a good stewards of His resources in our lives.

Great news about our outdoor pavilion‚ÄĒyou can literally see the results up to this point.¬† We hope to have a dedication service this spring or early summer.¬† And we hope to use it, certainly for our fellowship activities, but also as a way to reach out to others in our community.

In case you haven’t heard (bad pun!), our organ has died.  As a temporary solution, Council approved at its January 7, 2020 meeting the purchase of the Casio WK7500 76 Key Touch Sensitive Workstation Keyboard.  The funds came out of the repairs and maintenance part of our budget.  The versatility of this purchase makes the keyboard a wise choice for worship not just indoors but also outdoors.

In addition, Council agreed at its January meeting to appoint a Worship Committee for our long term Organ and Musical Equipment needs.  As many of you know, a special fund has already been started and members are encouraged to contribute to it over and above their regular offerings.

By the way, at our January meeting, Council approved having a Fellowship Hour every third Sunday when we have our Contemporary worship service.  In other words, deserts and drink will be provided as we enjoy each other’s company.

THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS.  Giving back has always been important to Thrivent Financial and its members.  Thrivent has provided more than $370 million to help churches, educational institutions and other nonprofit organizations through the Thrivent Choice charitable grant program.  Our congregation through the years has been the recipient of thousands of dollars through this program.  These monies have been used for various ministry and outreach projects not covered by the budget.  But here’s the point:  you have by the end of March to designate your Thrivent Choice dollars from last year.  To find out how to qualify or if you qualify, talk to me or visit Thrivent.com/thriventchoice.  You can also call 1-800-847-4836.

Next month we share some information on the power of Thrivent Action Team dollars.

In the meantime, rejoice in the Lord always!       



NOMINATIONS are being received for the following positions:   Chairman, Chairman of the Board of Elders, Elders, Treasurer and        Mission and Ministry Council Members.  Nominations will be received through the end of March.  Four positions, in addition to the Chairman of the Elders, are open for the Board of Elders.  The term of office for the Board of Elders is two years.  In addition to the Election of the Chairman of the congregation and Treasurer, there are 4 open positions for the Mission and Ministry Council.  The term of office for the Mission and Ministry Council is one year.  According to the By-Laws of our Constitution only male candidates are eligible for Chairman and the Board of Elders.  The election of Officers will not take place until the May Voters’ Meeting but nominations will be received through March. Please place your nominations in the Chairman’s mailbox or speak with him personally.  You may also submit your names to or speak with Pastor or Mike Korunka for your suggestions.