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Welcome to Emmanuel! 


We are pleased to have you join us for worship on Sunday. Whether you are searching for a new church, or visiting from out of town, we know it can feel a bit challenging attending a different church the very first time.  We hope the following information will help ease any concerns you may have.  We want to make your first visit with us one that is enjoyable and spiritually enriching to you and your family. You will find that Emmanuel makes available various opportunities for worship, growth, and service for all ages.  We are here to offer whatever help and support we possibly can... and we welcome you with open arms to God's house to hear His word. Looking forward to meeting you!

Where is Emmanuel located?

We are at 9950 Ridge Highway Britton, Michigan 49229.


What time does worship start?

We hold traditional service at 10:30 am.


Where do I park at Emmanuel?

Visitors at Emmanuel have their own dedicated parking spots in front of our church.  We have two separate parking areas.  There's parking in front and back of the church both with handicap parking.


Does Emmanuel offer Holy Communion at worship?

Yes, the Lord’s Supper is celebrated at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in the confession and glad confidence that, as He says, our Lord gives into our mouths not only bread and wine but His very body and blood to eat and to drink for the forgiveness of sins and to strengthen our union with Him and with one another.  Our Lord invites to His table those who trust His Words, repent of all sin, and set aside any refusal to forgive and love as He forgives and loves us, that they may show forth His death until He comes.  Because those who eat and drink our Lord’s body and blood unworthily do so to their great harm and because Holy Communion is a confession of the faith which is confessed at this altar, any who are not yet instructed, in doubt, or who hold a confession differing from that of this congregation and The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, and yet desire to receive this sacrament, are asked first to speak with the pastor. 


As we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion in our church today, dealcoholized wine is available for those who are unable to consume regular wine.  This dealcoholized wine (which is less that ½ of 1% alcohol as compared to 11% alcohol for regular wine) is white in color.  Individual cups containing dealcoholized wine are located in the center ring of the tray.  Please help us by reserving the cups of dealcoholzed wine for those who need it.


Other visitors are invited to receive a blessing at the altar by crossing their arms over their chests, or by using this time for prayer and praise in the pew.  For information about attending communion, please speak to the pastor before you leave this morning.  Classes leading to communion are offered on a regular basis.


How long is the worship service?

A typical worship service lasts just about an hour.  Sometimes the service will run longer for special events, invited guests, or other worship dynamics.  


What time should I plan to arrive for worship service?

We suggest that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of service.  This allows time to enter the sanctuary, as well as prepare yourself to worship.  We understand you cannot always arrive early, and so we are still very happy that you choose to join us!



Does Emmanuel offer Sunday School for my children?

Yes, please check your children in with the Sunday School teachers in the Fellowship Hall Lower Level prior to them going to their classroom.  Check out also occurs when the teacher recognizes the parent or guardian and formally transfers the child to them.


Upon entering the sanctuary with your child.  Please grab one of our children's activity bag hanging from a wooden tree rack near the back of the sanctuary.  Once the service has ended, please have you child place their activity bag in our basket located near the wooden rack. 


There’s also a Children’s Message in which the children gather in front of the altar with the pastor for a special message related to the readings and gospel.


Is there somewhere I can take my young child during the service if needed?

Yes, we have a Children’s Nursery perfect for privacy or to calm a child down with a book or toy.  While we encourage parents to do their best to remain in the sanctuary with their children, we realize there are times when it becomes difficult.  We certainly do not want you to feel uncomfortable and so the Children’s Nursery is a great alternative when needed.  You can still hear and see the service from the room!  We also have a second room filled with toys just out side of the sanctuary for parents with toddlers.  It’s located just past the restrooms on the left.  The service audio can still be hear from this room as well.


How can I learn more about Emmanuel or get other information?

You are welcome to call the church office anytime at (517) 451-8148 or email us at Please take a moment before leaving to fill out the Record of Fellowship in the red folder at the end of the pew. 

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