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Illness: Margaret Schroeder, Floyd & Shirley Brown, Dee Hitzemann (aunts & uncles of JoAnn Bartush),  Don Mature (friend of Lolly Luegge), Nancy Fraley & Judy Crittenden (sisters of Wayne Davis), Glenn Applin (Terri Keehn’s cousin’s husband), Sherry Burmeister, Robin Clark (friend of JoAnn Bartush), Laura Tomell, Tristan Tomell (granson of Dan & Laura Tomell), Jim Conrad, Anne Marquardt (friend of Lolly Luegge), Dan Wyse, Betty Oesterling (Lolly Luegge's cousin), Lolly Luegge, Yvonne Bigelow, Ralph Schafer, Jason Kluck (friend of Bonnie Turner), Paula Baird, Rebecca Roberts, June McCarty

Shut-Ins:  Velma Brown, Inge Williams, Ed Schmidt, Peggy Bush, Diana Pape and Ralph Schafer.

Continued prayers for government leaders, health care workers, other essential workers, and those who are facing isolation, illness, or experiencing unemployment during the current COVID-19 pandemic.