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Illness: Margaret Schroeder, Floyd & Shirley Brown, Dee Hitzemann (aunts & uncles of JoAnn Bartush),  Don Mature (friend of Lolly Luegge), Nancy Fraley & Judy Crittenden (sisters of Wayne Davis), Harold Ruhl (Lolly Luegge’s sister-in-law’s father), Kenny Perrella (Tim Bowen & Donna Olsen’s brother-in-law), Glenn Applin (Terri Keehn’s cousin’s husband), Sherry Burmeister, Robin Clark (friend of JoAnn Bartush), Cameron Redman (Eileen Jones' step-great grandchild), Laura Tomell, Tristan Tomell (granson of Dan & Laura Tomell), Jim Conrad, Anne Marquardt (friend of Lolly Luegge), Annette Bachman, Jim & Sandy DeBerry, Dan Wyse, Betty Oesterling (Lolly Luegge's cousin), Lolly Luegge, Yvonne Bigelow, Ralph Schafer, Jason Kluck (friend of Bonnie Turner, Paula Baird

Shut-Ins:  Velma Brown, Inge Williams, Ed & Lois Schmidt, Peggy Bush, Diana Pape and Ralph Schafer.