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Toil for what!

King Solomon, in the Book of Ecclesiastes, laments over the situation of a person toiling their whole life for what end. His big gripe appears to be that a person can work hard their entire life to gain or amass material things such as money and property, or establish a successful business, and for what purpose, just to leave it so someone who did not toil to get it? And this man of great wealth and means goes on to tell us, “What has a man from all the toil and striving of heart with which he toils beneath the sun.” To Solomon, it all seems to be such a waste of effort and a chasing after the wind!

It can be pretty easy for a person to get depressed by their circumstances, especially when they work long hours and string together numerous days in a row on the job, yet they never seem to get ahead. And, if an individual does get ahead in life, they may have something unsuspecting happen such as a medical condition, financial setback, or job loss which can quickly strip it all away. And realistically, if nothing major ever takes place, you are going to one day die and it is all left behind to other people. So then dear friends, what is the use in trying so hard to gain wealth and prosperity in this life? Working hard is not a bad practice. Working for hte wrong reasons can be!

This should really cause us to think about where our priorities are as people of God. Are we in this world to simply work our life away trying to get more things, have more money, and live a more successful life in accordance with worldly standards and expectations? Are you and I living each day with the idea that the one who dies with the nicest toys, most money, largest house, nicest car wins? Seriously, what is it that drives you and me to get up in the morning and get back at it again?

God calls us, as His children, to do all things to His glory, honor, and praise. It is not about how much we can accomplish, acquire, gather, or obtain for ourselves, while we take up residence on this earth. All we have and are ultimately come from the God Almighty and are gifts from His gracious hand. The greatest gift we have been given is our eternal salvation won for us by Jesus, our Savior. Having Jesus in our life and being spiritually wealthy offers a much greater benefit to us then anything the world can provide. If we are going to truly toil, then let us toil with all our might for what really counts: serving the Lord and sharing Christ Jesus with others. For in the end fellow believers, whenever that time might come for each one of us, that will be all that matters, because everything else will fall by the wayside!!!!!!!!!!!! Pastor McCarty


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