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Bless the Lord, O My Soul!

In the beginning of the 103rd Psalm, King David, cries out in humble adoration and praise to the Lord God Almighty. He is doing it with everything within him, body, mind, spirit, emotions, will, and personality. The great King acknowledges all the benefits (blessings) which he has received from the Lord. Forgiveness is at the top of his list as he takes the opportunity to share what some of those blessings include: redemption from the pit (could very well mean victory over death and hell), a crown of steadfast love and mercy, and He satisfies with good and strengthens the feeble body intending to offer a gift of renewal.

To hear these passionate words of glorification and exaltation centered on the God of Creation should not be surprising, since David was termed to be a man after God’s own heart. David was well aware of all that His Lord had done for him, and he wanted to make sure full credit and honor were given to the One who had blessed him and sustained him throughout his life. What a great witness this is for you and me, people of God, who have also been mightily blessed by the Lord of the Universe.

A question each of us must ask ourselves is this, “Have we been vigilant and faithful in giving honor, praise, and glory to our Triune God for all the benefits (blessings) He has so richly poured out on us. We have the forgiveness of sins, redemption from death and hell, and the promise of spending eternity with the Lord of Hosts. And, if that would not be enough, yet it truly is, we have been blessed with all that we need to sustain this body and life. Every earthly provision we have at our access is to be considered a generous gift from the Lord. We do not deserve anything but have been endowed with so much.

Are we thankful for what we have received in God’s outpouring of blessings? Do you and I like David cry out,” bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name?” We are God’s chosen and redeemed children, who are being watched over by Him. He made us as our Creator, died for us as our Redeemer, and keeps us in the one true faith as our Sustainer. If that is not worth praising Him with all that we are, then there is nothing that ever would be! Thank You Lord for our life now with all its wonderful benefits and thank You for the blessing of eternal life that we have as an inheritance because Jesus died for us and then rose from the grave to live and reign for all eternity! Pastor McCarty


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