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Chosen to serve!

Do you remember when you were growing up and you were involved in the process of picking teams. What generally happened is that two people or more, depending on the number of teams being selected, were picked to be captains of each team. These captains were then put in charge of selecting members for their perspective teams. One by one people were chosen to fill the team member slots. And inevitably there was always the person who was picked last. Now I can tell you I had my fair share of moments, when I was the final player/person to be selected. And I can tell you it was never a good feeling. In fact, there may have been times when the team that got me may have been thinking, oh well someone had to get him!

In this Sunday’s reading from the Book of Acts we see where there was a selection process taking place. The purpose of the activity was to fill the Apostle position that was made available when Judas committed suicide. Peter, the leader of the now 11, presented the need for a replacement for Judas. The process undertaken was not one which was conducted in a manner we would consider normal. Today, we would go through a voting process that would select the most popular/desired individual for the job. In this particular situation two names of candidates, who had accompanied the original 12, while they were with Jesus, got the nomination. But instead of the 11 men voting on the choice, they drew lots and by doing so placed the decision into the hands of the Lord. It would be His selection not theirs. Matthias was the disciple called into service by God himself through this (ancient/older method).

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, you and I have been selected to serve as well. We have been adopted into the family of God and called into service as disciples of Jesus. We have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry out the mission of the Church of Christ. Loving the Lord and serving Him faithfully is first and foremost in our duties. Sharing the message of the Gospel is to be of a top priority preference. And being Jesus’ hands and feet in this world, as we work to serve our neighbor and assist them with their needs, is what disciples of Christ are commanded to do.

And do you want to know what is so neat about this selection process? It does not make any difference whether you were picked first, last, 80 years ago, or yesterday, to serve. The Master has selected you and you are special in His eyes. You are on His team and that is the only thing which really matters in the end. Thank you, Jesus, for showing us how to have servant’s hearts and for allowing us to be on Your team. It is an honor to be serving and playing under Your coaching and leading! Pastor McCarty


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