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Crisp and cold outside, but warm inside!

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

It is winter in Michigan and the wind combined with chilling temperatures makes it seem awfully raw outside today. This type of weather can take a toll on a person and dampen their spirits, even when we are this close to Christmas. So goes weather conditions, in the upper Midwest, at the end of December. I guess I will have to adapt to the situation, since I am not planning on heading to Florida!

Yet, dear friends, even when it is frigid outside, you and I can still have a warm, glowing feeling inside of us. This most holy and precious time of the year gives us the wonderful opportunity to experience the radiant love of God in the gift of the infant Jesus. There is nothing that can warm our hearts, minds, and souls, more than receiving the greatest present ever offered to us as human beings. In Jesus there is true light and life, warmth and peace, hope and joy. Such amazing blessings, as these, are things the world cannot provide to you and me.

For those of us, who have been given the unbelievable blessing of receiving such a lovingly and freely given gift, as the Christ-child, the Babe of Bethlehem, there can be no greater mission than to share this precious package with those we meet. Christmas is a time of the year that is centered on giving, right? So, if that is the case, then what better gift is there for you, or me, to hand out at Christmastime, then the little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, God’s very Son, and the One who came to save us. May you and I, with warmth in our hearts, generously pass out the only gift that keeps on giving into eternity, Jesus!!!!!!!!

Pastor McCarty


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