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CRT and what good it can do!

CRT is a program which we definitely need to promote in our schools today. It is s belief system which can make a huge difference in turning our country around from the situation it is in as of this very hour. Without making some drastic changes to the way we have been operating as a nation, and how our present leadership has been functioning, we are destined for a tragic outcome. As a country we need to place our hope and trust in the only true answer or teaching that can save us CRT.

Many of you may be thinking by this point in my devotion, what has happened to Pastor McCarty has he ran off of the deep end or drifted off course from reality and rationale? No, dear friends I have not taken an about face and headed away from the biblical truth I believe is the guiding light for us to be follow. Yes, I do believe we need to share the message of CRT in our schools, churches, communities, and throughout America and beyond. But the true message of CRT rests not in man but in Jesus. The CRT I am encouraging us to promote zealously is Christ Reigns Triumphant. This my friends is the only true message which has the power to save us and bring unity inside and outside our borders.

As human beings we cannot of our own accord bring about reconciliation between people or nations. It is only possible when we acknowledge the forgiveness of sins we received through the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus, who reigns on high as Lord and Savior over all! And in knowing our sins have been forgiven then we can share that same forgiveness with others.

The CRT (Critical Race Theory) of the world does not offer the opportunity for the giving and receiving of forgiveness. It offers the chance to cast guilt and cause guilt to burden a person’s soul. But then where in that process is there the chance for true healing and reconciliation to take place. Without Jesus there truly is no hope to live in the unity which God designed for His creation. So, get out in the world and start spreading the CRT (Christ Reigns Triumphant) message of hope and let us see what kind of positive impact it will make for our society. Pastor McCarty


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