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Do people really understand?

Today from 2:00 – 3:00 pm, we did a Cross Walk event in the neighboring town. The group that showed up marched down one side of the street, through the five blocks of the downtown area of the city, and then we crossed over and journeyed along the opposite side of the roadway as we returned to our starting point. As we walked along the route different individuals took turns carrying the wooden cross that we brought. Along the way other people took turns reading sections of a powerful writing which has been used over the years while participating in this activity. Sad to say there were only 6 saints who came to partake in the event this afternoon.

To be honest I was rather disappointed in the turnout, since I had invited our congregation’s members, as well as members from 5 other churches in the immediate area. In all there were 6 different denominations who were personally contacted to join in this community centered witnessing opportunity. Maybe I made the mistake of allowing my optimism to get the best of me after I had finished speaking to my congregation and the Pastors and staff members of the other churches.

As we traveled down the sidewalk with the cross, making stops along the way, I had to ask myself this question, “I wonder how many of these people who are driving by on the street, shopping in these stores, walking adown the sidewalk, and sitting in the restaurants, actually understand what “Good Friday” is even about. Is it just a day off of work! Is it merely the Friday before Easter! Is it the last day of the work week like every other Friday! Do most people have any clue at all of what took place on the Friday we call Good?

One of the greatest acts of love, in the history of mankind, took place in Jerusalem that first Good Friday. The Son of God, the sinless Jesus, let Himself be shamed, beaten, tortured, crucified, and literally forsaken by His Father, to save all humanity. He took all sins, our sins, to the cross and died so we did not have to. His death brought about our salvation. By His wounds we are healed! Is that something you and I should make a point to remember and give witness to the world. I certainly believe so!!!!!! Let us never take another “Good Friday” for granted because by doing so we lose the wonderful chance to share in the Gospel story, the message of God’s deep love for us His creation! Pastor McCarty


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