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Does God make a difference in your life?

The first part of this devotion is taken from a message written by Dr. Robert Jeffress in 2009.

Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote, “For the religious mind and soul, the issue has never been the existence of God but the importance of God, the difference that God makes in the way we live. To believe that God exists the way you believe that the South Pole exists, though you have never seen either one, to believe in the reality of God the way you believe in the Pythagorean theorem, as an accurate abstract statement that does not really affect your daily life, is not a religious stance. A God who exists but does not matter, who does not make a difference in the way you live, might as well not exist.”

Are you allowing God to rule in every part of your life? When you make God central in your life, it gives you the spiritual foundation to withstand the storms of life that beat against you.

Knowing who God is, is one thing. Knowing God personally is a completely different aspect in relationship to a person’s life and faith. God has a deep desire for you and me to have an intimate bond with Him. He is not just the Creator who made us, He is our Heavenly Father (Abba). He is not just the person who redeemed us, He is our Savior, Lord, and friend (Jesus). He is not just the power who brought us into the family of God, He is the Sanctifier of our lives (Holy Spirit). God is our all in all, the sustainer of our very existence.

With that being said, what then is your intention as one who has been so greatly blessed by our Almighty God? Is your heart burning with a passion to have a close connection with your Lord? Is it your desire to love and faithfully serve Him in every area of your being? God does not just want to have a piece of your life. No, He wants to be the center of it! May you be moved to also want and will the same thing. Pastor McCarty


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