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Don't get tripped up!

Don’t get tripped up!

As we look at the three years of Jesus’ ministry here on earth there is one thing that seems to be a consistent feature: The Jewish leaders attempt to get Jesus to trip up and discredit Himself as a man of God, and more importantly the Son of God. In various places throughout the Gospels, we read about how the Pharisees and members of the Jewish Council constantly attacked the Lord, in hopes of causing the Anointed One to trip up and say or do something they could use against Him.

How foolish it was for these simple mortals to think they could out think, out smart, and out play the only begotten Son of the Father. Who was it they believed they were dealing with, some mere man that could be easily outwitted and put to shame? On each occasion where Jesus was confronted by those arrogant antagonists, He turned the tables on them, shut them up, and put them in their rightful place. The Christ, even when He died on the cross, was still in control and His ultimate purpose, as Savior of all, would prevail against the futile actions and attempts of the Pharisees to see Him stumble and fall in defeat.

As disciples of Christ are we to imagine we are exempt from such attacks? There are those unbelievers and helpers of Satan, who are working hard at getting you and me to trip up in our walk of faith. These henchmen of hell’s master are doing what they can to discredit us and bring shame upon you and me because we desire to be faithful followers of Jesus. If, we can be tripped up as Christians, by those bent on seeing us fail, then it not only sheds a dark shadow on us, but more critically it gives a negative witness for our Lord. The times may have changed but the devil’s evil tactics he uses in spiritual warfare have not.

Dear servants of the King, we can learn many lessons, from the Ruler of all, on how to out maneuver the master of lies and his pinions, who are relentless in their attempts to trip us up. Let us know the truth of God’s Word, speak the truth of God’s Word, and with the help of the Holy Spirit live the truth of God’s Word, and against these things there is no defense or denial. Blessings as you go forth intentionally watching your steps along life's way, so you don't get tripped up!!!!!!! Pastor McCarty


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