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Freedom in Christ!

We are quickly approaching, here in the United States, the celebration of the Fourth of July, the day when our country was established as a free nation through the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The year was 1776 and we have been able to enjoy this freedom for 247 years. Many people today in America take this blessing of freedom for granted. In fact, they take it so much for granted they constantly complain about their personal rights being trampled on. The sad part about much of this complaining is the idea that many of these individuals misuse the freedoms we are so greatly privileged to be able to enjoy. Freedom of speech is one of those privileges we are blessed with, yet people think they can say anything about anyone at any time, whether the statements are false, defamatory, or demeaning, and it is perfectly fine to do so.

Freedom to assemble peacefully has taken on a new meaning as well, when citizens and non-citizens alike believe they can violently protest their cause creating an atmosphere of damage and injury to property and people. This is not right nor is it an acceptable practice to be conducted within the boundaries of our long-established system of government.

Within the Church of Jesus Christ there is also a great number of freedoms we enjoy. Freedom from sin, freedom from death, and freedom from the power of the devil. Also, we have the freedom to come before God’s throne in heaven because Jesus is our mediator and advocate. Also, because Jesus brought about reconciliation between the Father and us His creation, and He established a new covenant between God and man. Such freedoms are a blessing unto eternity.

Once again, there is a sad side to the beautiful story of these God-given freedoms. Many people live as if they deserve to be blessed by God. They live as if they are deserving of being forgiven by God because of something they have done. Many who confess to be Christians do not think they have to go to worship, support the work of the Kingdom with their time, talents, and treasures, or love their neighbor as they love themselves. For some people these are merely suggestions to consider.

Yes, the joy of our salvation is a free gift of God and a deep and lasting sign of His love for us. But even though it does not cost you and me anything, it cost God everything. By Jesus painful persecution and death on a cross, you, me, and all believers have the unbelievable joy of knowing one day we will be spending eternal glory in the presence of our Lord. Now that is truly something worth celebrating my friends. Remember this: Fourth of July is a one day a year event, but salvation is a blessing that lasts for eternity. I am ready to celebrate that eternal event!

Pastor McCarty


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