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Freedom is NOT free!

Blessings to each of you on this Memorial Day. I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate and remember the men and women, who served in our Military Forces, and who gave their life so you and I could enjoy and partake in the freedoms we have in this country. These freedoms came at a very high cost, and we must never forget the sacrifice these brave soldiers made for our nation and other nations throughout the world. Freedom was not and is not something to be considered free. Let us never take it for granted for in doing so we dishonor the gallant efforts of those individuals that gave their full measure to help secure this wonderful blessing.

As Christians, we must also, and even more so, remember freedom is not free. As sinful human beings we were slaves to sin. We were in chains of bondage and held captive by the grip of this dreaded enemy of God. But thanks be to our Lord Almighty that Jesus rescued us from this slavery situation. To accomplish our recue and free us from our imprisoned circumstances Christ gave His full measure of devotion by allowing Himself to be put in bondage and then He gave His life on a cross in place of ours. Freedom is Not free!

Memorial Day is not the only time of the year we need to remember and honor the faithful soldiers who served and died so that we can live as free people. We must also remember those in our Military Forces who are serving at the present time to keep us safe and allow us to enjoy freedom in this country.

And all the more, we must be faithful to give honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ each and ever day because without His ultimate sacrifice you and I would be destined for not only earthly bondage to sin, but more importantly eternal enslavement in hell. Thank you, Savior Jesus! Pastor McCarty


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