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God not Satan, heaven not hell!

In today’s day and age there are many people, some professing to be Christians, who truly believe God exists, but Satan does not, and that there is a wonderful place called heaven, where everyone goes to, but not a destination deemed hell where people perish. Such thinking or believing is a far cry from the reality conveyed by God’s Holy Word.

In the Concordance of the English Standard Version of the Bible there are 100 direct biblical references to heaven. We read in many of these verses of heaven being the place where the throne of God is, where the Father and Son reside in glory, and from where the Holy Spirit was sent and is one with the Father and the Son. Scripture also speaks of those faithful saints who have gone before us into heavenly glory. Jesus came from heaven being born in the flesh and He returned, back into heaven, after He had accomplished all the Father sent Him to do. Yes, heaven is a real place and a location waiting for those who are connected, with Christ Jesus, in an intimate and saving relationship. For Christians, we are but strangers here on earth, heaven is our home.

By comparison there are only five listings specifically referencing a locale designated as hell. Yet, these passages mentioning hell are quite clear about what kind of place it is and for whom it exists. This eternal resting region called hell is a place of fire, torment, anguish, separation from God, and an abyss. This is where the devil, his followers/minions, and non-believers in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, will one day reside for eternity.

Jesus made a way for all mankind to be saved and not have to face the condemnation of hell. Jesus gave His very life to pay the ultimate price for our sins, so we do not have to. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved! Just knowing Jesus will not save you dear people. Even the devil and his cohort know who the Christ is. The problem is that they do not trust Him for salvation, nor do they want to submit to His Divine authority. In fact, they are outright rebellious to the will of God. Satan’s desire is to take as many followers as he can with him into hell before Jesus comes back in final judgement, and in justice gives him his eternal punishment.

Let us not be deceived by the tactics of the devil as he tries to make you and me believe he and hell do not exist. If we do not believe in him, then we do not have to worry about him or defend against his attacks, or worry about ever suffering punishment for our sinfulness. And that is exactly what he wants to happen. Flying under the radar gives the devil the opportunity to do heavy damage and destruction on God’s creation. Jesus died to save! Satan lives to destroy! Be alert the devil (who is real) prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. Let us not be his lunch!!!!!!!! Pastor McCarty


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