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Hosea a foreshadowing of Jesus and us!

How many of you are familiar with the Old Testament Book and story of Hosea? Hosea was a prophet of the Most High, who was commanded by the Lord to take to himself a wife, who had a background as a prostitute. So, Hosea went and took for a wife, Gomer. And the prophet had three children with this woman who had lived a life of ill repute. But just because she is his wife and bears his children does not mean she remains faithful to their bond of marriage. In fact, she returns to her life of prostitution and Hosea is called by God to buy her back or redeem her for the price of fifteen shekels of silver and a homer and a lethech of barley. In todays market a shekel is worth $10 x 15 = $150 and the amount of barley would be 9 bushel.

God the Father called Israel to be His people and He has loved them with an everlasting love. Yet, they continue to prostitute themselves by worshiping and loving other gods. Their faithfulness and allegiance to their first love faulters, fails, and flees time and time again. Though they be unfaithful to the Lord, He has not abandoned them, nor has He withdrawn His covenant of faithfulness from those He has chosen. God is faithful even when his children are not!

We are God’s children as well. He has called us by name we are His through the water and words of Holy Baptism. The Father loves you and me with an everlasting love and even when we sin, are unfaithful, and turn to other idols: money, fortune, and fame, He continues to call after us. To show how much He loves us He sent His only begotten Son Jesus to buy us back, redeem us with His very body and blood given and shed for you and me on a rugged cross. Truly the Lord’s love has no boundaries.

The story of Hosea may have happened over 2700 years ago, but it has direct application to you and me as Christians and the bride of Christ, His Church. May we realize what the Lord has done for us to purchase us and redeem us from the life of ill repute, we are tempted to live in as sinful human beings. God has not given up on us and because of Jesus we are recipients of His grace, mercy, and love which has no end. Thank you Lord for always pursuing us, even when we have not pursued You. Pastor McCarty


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