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Listen to the promptings!

Have you ever had an experience like that? You felt a prompting to do something, and only later did you discover the reason. Or maybe you received some devastating news, yet you had this inner peace. Or you were in a conversation with somebody who needed a word from God. You felt a sudden surge of courage, and you were able to boldly say exactly what they needed to hear.

Inner promptings in our spirit, inexplicable peace when the world is collapsing around us, unusual courage to speak God’s truth–these phenomena are all evidence of the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Over the years I have been amazed by the way God can prompt our hearts, through the working of His Holy Spirit to do certain things. When I have been most aware of this is in those moments when the Lord has laid on my heart to stop by someone’s home or call them out of the blue. Realistically, there was no reason I would have needed to call them. There was no significant purpose to get in contact with these individuals or families when I did. Yet, time after time, when I did follow the prompting, there was a specific reason for me to reach out to the people I did. In so many instances the individual or family unit was going through some type of difficulty, and I had the blessed opportunity to be able to minister to them.

I can tell you I take no credit whatsoever for the insight I had or the gut-feeling I possessed to stop or call at just the right time. The Lord has a way of touching us and prompting us to act on His behalf. The fact is we may not hear Him or feel the Spirit’s prompting, if we do not stay in tune with the Lord and ask Him to open our hearts so we might recognize His call to service. The Lord does work in mysterious ways His wonders to behold!

The next time you feel the Lord tugging on your heart or whispering in your ear to act, do not ignore it. Because I truly believe, from my personal experiences, He has something for you to do for Him. And many times, as it has been for me, it will entail being there for another person at just the right moment. God bless you in your promptings! Pastor McCarty


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