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Looking at the culture through the lens of faith!

Something for us to contemplate as Christians!

Just this morning, I read an article I received via e-mail from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, which caused me to take notice. Here is a portion of the article I want to share and elaborate on in this devotion: As Christians we generally look at what we’re saved to...truth, identity, meaning of life, and most importantly eternal life. But we need to also take a close look at what we are saved for: wisdom, missions, reconciliation, and purpose. And along with that, we should think about what happens when the idea of being redeemed saints shapes the Christian’s approach to life, society, education, sports, hardships, conflict, entertainment, and other aspects of the culture.

We are doing a Bible study, on Wednesday morning, that has really brought out how we as Christians should approach the various aspects of today’s modern culture. The study is based on a book titled, “Faith That Sees Through the Culture”, by Rev. Dr. Alfonso Espinosa. We are people of God who should be engaging with today’s modern culture in a way which gives witness to Almighty God and the saving message of the Gospel. We have God’s Word, centered in Jesus Christ, to give us hope and guidance in traversing our way through this world that seems to be reeling out of control.

If we take a serious look at what direction our American societies culture has gone in recent years concerning sexual immorality, drug and alcohol addiction, crimes against the sanctity of life, and the drive for materialism, it is vital for us to be sharing our faith as a way to help others know what is God honoring and beneficial for ourselves and society as a whole. God has showered on us His saving grace, through His Son and our Savior Jesus, and in light of receiving such a blessing you and I can have a positive impact on our misguided culture.

We were saved to be difference makers for Christ. The Lord can and I believe will use us to turn this culture around. So, get ready to engage the forces that will oppose God’s desire to see things turn in a direction that is more in line with His perfect will. Christ’s sacrifice was not in vain and neither is our faithful service. Pastor McCarty


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