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Nothing will assail me which causes God to fail me!

Nothing shall assail me which causes God to fail me!

There are times in my life, and I am sure yours as well, when it seems like nothing can go right. At those moments it feels as if the devil is having a hay day with me. What is a person to do and where is a person to turn to get relief from the onslaught?

There is a hymn in the Lutheran Service Book which can give us a great deal of hope, especially when the situation before us appears rather daunting and dismal. The hymn I am referring to is called “Through Jesus’ Blood and Merit”. Here are those soothing and precious words of this wonderful song:

Through Jesus’ blood and merit I am at peace with God. What, then, can daunt my spirit, However dark my road? My courage shall not fail me, For God is on my side; Though hell itself assail me, Its rage I may deride.

There’s nothing that can sever From this great love of God; No want, no pain whatever, No famine, peril, flood, Though thousand foes surround me, For slaughter mark His sheep, They never shall confound me, The victory I shall reap.

For neither life’s temptation Nor death’s most trying hour Nor angels of high station Nor any other power Nor things that now are present Nor things that are to come Nor height, however pleasant, Nor darkest depths of gloom.

Nor any creature ever Shall from the love of God; This ransomed sinner sever; For in my Savior’s blood This love has its foundation; God hears a faithful prayer And long before creation Named me His child and heir.

Wow, what powerful words for us to grab onto and make our own. We are God’s dearly loved and redeemed children, who have nothing to fear or worry about when it comes to the devil thinking he can drag us down into the pit of gloom, despair, and hopelessness. God has made a way, in Jesus Christ, for you and me to experience hope in a what might look like a hopeless situation. That is the kind of loving and caring Lord we have in our corner. Let us not allow ourselves to be tricked into thinking God has left us high and dry, for He has promised to defend us to the end. And He proved it by setting Jesus to be our Savior. No, No He will never fail you or me, no matter what assail us!!!!!!!!!!!! Pastor McCarty


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