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Pray with persistence!

Pray with persistence

In today’s culture it can be so easy to give up on something after a couple of tries. For many people it is to much work and effort to stay with a specific task until you get results. Being a person who is persistent can be of great benefit, especially when you are trying to accomplish a particular job or assignment.

As God’s people we are called to pray without ceasing, or in otherwords “be persistent in your prayer life”! The Lord wants to be in contact with us and to have an open line of communication between us and Him. Prayer is that wonderful avenue we have been given by the Almighty to be able to make such an intimate and personal connection. Besides, it is the very thing which our Savior Jesus used to communicate with His Father, while He was among us in this earthly atmosphere. In fact, He made it a point to show His disciples how to pray by teaching them the “Our Father.” Christ’s example of going to His Father often is a perfect witness for you and me to follow.

Does our Lord hear us when we pray to Him? Of course! Does He always answer our prayers immediately? No! Yet, it should encourage us to be about the business of praying to God, not only for our needs, but also for the needs of others. And, not only praying for things that are needed, it is a good and right practice to pray in thanksgiving for those prayers which have already been faithfully answered.

Amazing enough, Jesus was persistent in prayer with His dear Father, even when He was dying while hanging on the cross. His words of prayer included, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”; Father into Your hands I commit my spirit!”: “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?”

Thank You Lord for giving us the gift of prayer, and may we be confident in knowing You always hear us when we pray, no matter our situation or reason for praying!!!!!!!!!! Pastor McCarty


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