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The lie goes on!

The lie goes on!

I would like to share an article with you that I believe shows just how badly people can be duped and deceived by Satan. Billionaire philanthropist and novelist McKenzie Scott, former wife of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, has donated $275 million to the reproductive health care nonprofit Planned Parenthood (an organization that got over 600 million from the government last year). This is the largest-ever gift made to the organization. She says the primary focus of her philanthropy is to support “underrepresented people from groups of all kinds.” Scot goes on to say, “The cause of equity has no sides. Nor can it have a single solution. We are human. And we all have enormous energy to devote to helping and protecting those we love”. Apparently, what Miss Scott is saying is that the unborn are not among those who are underrepresented and those we love.

I have to believe there could have been an amazing amount of good that would have come out of such a generous donation had it been given to crisis pregnancy centers around the country. It boggles my mind how someone wanting to do so much good could be involved in carrying out so much evil. Each of these children, whose lives are taken from them, are little ones Jesus died and rose for. Jesus’ deep love and compassion for the littlest of our world is something we as Christians need to emulate. Jesus said so plainly, in Matthew 25:40, “Truly, I say to you, as you did to the least of these my brothers you did to me.”

We, as a Christian community, can no longer stand on the sidelines and think things are going to improve in the area of the sanctity of human life. Jesus gave His very life for you and me, and He is calling us, as His disciples, to step out in faith and make a firm stand for life in His name. The first place to start is by praying for the strengthen to be Christ’ witness and advocate for life. Then, as you are so moved, see where you can get involved in the Christ-centered, Pro-Life movement that is going on in our area and around the world. God be with you as you seek His will and guidance in your life! Pastor McCarty


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