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There is a spiritual war going on!

In this world there is definitely a spiritual war going on. It is taking place on several fronts and is literally a fight between good and evil forces. The battle is being played out in the lives of people as they interact with one another on this planet. Christian and non-believers are in spiritual contention with each other concerning belief in the one True God. This warfare is also being played out in the social activism of our modern-day society. Those who are in support of abortion, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide are waging war on the people in defense of the sanctity of human life. Another spiritual clash deals with the sanctity of marriage which was established by God to be between a man and a woman, not in the joining of same sex couples. In the beginning God created them male and female, yet the battle for gender identity is in full blown motion.

On another spiritual level conflict is happening between our human sinful nature and the will of God. This is a continuation of Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Man’s desire to be their own ruler, and master of their own destiny, is definitely in opposition to what God set in place, at creation, as the Creator. God’s goodness is directly opposite of man’s sinful desires.

Ultimately, the real war going on is between the God of the Universe, the Triune God, and Satan. Any evil that is in this world is connected to the great deceiver, whose main goal is to disrupt creation, draw mankind away from their Creator, and take as many souls to hell with him as he can. On every front both seen and unseen Satan is waging an all-out assault on the Lord God Almighty and His Divine authority. He will do anything, use anything, and try anything he can to inflict punishment. We may not be able to see him with our very own eyes, but we can see the effects of evil and dastardly deeds.

The good news for us Christians is that God, in Christ Jesus, has already claimed the victory in this spiritual war. Sin, death, and more importantly the devil, met their demise, their waterloo, when Jesus died on the cross and then three days later rose from the dead. And to put an exclamation point on His victorious and saving work, Jesus ascended back to His place of glory, at the right hand of the throne of His Father, to rule and reign as King and Lord. And, one day He will return to end the war of all wars and put Satan and evil to rest forever. Amen, come Lord Jesus! Pastor McCarty


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