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Turn from their evil ways!

When we think about the evil actions that are taking place in this world, such as the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, we have to wonder why this is being allowed to happen. Many people, whether they are Christian or not, struggle with the idea of the presence of evil in our midst. As a Christian, we may be thinking that if God is good and He hates evil, then why is it (evil) able to exist in this earthly realm?

God certainly does not desire for evil to have its way in this world. And, the devil, who is the promoter and prompter of all that happens via evil intent, is kept on a leash. He cannot carryout anything which has not been allowed by the Lord, who is the ultimate power and authority over all creation. Yet, there have been, and still continues to be, heinous acts evil being exacted against humanity. This is definitely not how it should be dear people of God.

The people of Nineveh were a wicked society. The Lord did not want this nation and its people to continue in their evil ways, so He sent Jonah to preach a message of repentance, spiritual renewal, and a call to Almighty God for mercy. Jonah proclaimed the harsh judgement of God against these people of ill repute, who had no real concern for doing what was good and right in their lives. Through Jonah the Lord’s hope was for the Ninevites to turn from their evil activities and turn towards His pleasing ways.

What took place was something of miraculous proportions, as the Ninevites repented of their wickedness and humbled themselves before the Lord. God turned His fierce anger away from them and He relented from the destruction He had said He would do to them. God’s will is not to destroy that which He has created and continues to sustain, but to see it restored to a state of peace and harmony, with Him and one another.

As God’s people we are called to pray for our enemies that their hearts might be changed and their desire to do evil (start wars) would be vanquished. We are also instructed by the Lord to stand up against those that promote and conduct evil practices. Let us pray for God’s guidance and intervention as we see things unfold, in Eastern Europe, with the invasion of Russia into the Ukraine. And may the efforts of these invaders be thwarted, and the lives of many be spared from the ravages of war! Pastor McCarty


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