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United vs Divided

There is a definite division in our country, when it comes to the political landscape around us. There seems to be an ongoing battle for power and control which I and many others believe is at the root of the problems we are undergoing as a nation. Rather than looking at ways that will bring us together for the common good of all, there appears to be personal and party agendas which are not conducive to reconciliation and unification. This is sad and it has become very detrimental to the well-being of America and the citizens of this greatly blessed country.

But let us not believe there only exists these kinds of problems and divisions within our government. I am sad to admit, as a Pastor and member within the Christian Church and the Body of Christ, divisions are present in such places as well. You would like to think that because Holy Scripture calls us to be people of reconciliation and love, we might be less inclined to battle against each other, and more motivated to seek peace and a sense of community with one another.

Where the greatest divisions present themselves has to do with a person or churches desire to very from what God’s Word is calling us to do as people of God and followers of Christ. It is not our place to make the Word of the Lord fit what we want to believe and do in our lives. It is us who are to seek the Holy Spirit’s assistance to make the teachings of the Bible the very fabric of our living.

Something that has rocked me to the core, as an under-shepherd for Jesus, is to see Christian clergy showing up at abortion clinics and LGBTQ events and offering up blessings and prayers for the work they are doing and the demonstrations they are carrying out in the name of love, goodness, kindness, and other God honoring principles. This is not what the Lord has commanded us to do for those things which are not in accordance with His will. God’s Word has been given to us as a blessing and a story of God’s love for us to unite us not divide us. The farther some believers get away from the truths of the Bible the more distance is created between the members of Christ’s Body.

The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy the Church of Jesus Christ. He does some of his best work when he creates divisions among the community of saints. Let you and me be keenly aware of his dastardly deeds and manipulating methods, so we might call on the Lord to help us defend against them and thus thwart the plans this evil entity has devised to divide and conquer God’s Kingdom here on earth. Be strong, be faithful, be vigilant, and be confident in the promise of the Lord which guarantees that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church!! Pastor McCarty


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