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We are all being sharpened!

We are all being sharpened!

A person’s character is generally established by the individuals he is spending time with. It is so true, that the people we hang out with do have a significant amount of influence on us good, bad, or otherwise. I can certainly attest for that statement in my own life. It is very important for us to be conscientious about the company we are keeping, and the circle of friends we are surrounding ourselves with, because without knowing it our character can take on some of their traits.

Solomon, guided by the Holy Spirit, shares with us a bit of wisdom about this topic in the Book of Proverbs. In Proverbs 27:17, this wise man gives us these words, “As Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”. What this man of God is alluding to in this statement is this: The characteristics of the ones with whom you associate will eventually shape or mold your own personality. This can be a very positive thing as is the intention of Solomon’s proverb, but it can also end up in a negative outcome as well.

As Christians, we are called to encourage one another and support each other in our walk of faith, and that my fellow saints are great things for us to be doing. As we study God’s Word together, fellowship with one another, and stand along side each other in this world we are sharpening one another!

Jesus was one who greatly influenced and sharpened those who followed Him. For whom better could we set our character by then the Son of God and Savior of all mankind. He was a man of flawless reputation, integrity, humility, and persona. Blessed are those who walk in His footsteps and rely on His loving care. Jesus is a friend of the saints, as well as the sinners, for He came to give His life for all, so that believing in Him one might be saved. A hymn that comes to mind when I think about iron sharpening iron is this one, “I Am Trusting Thee, Lord Jesus”. May Jesus be the iron that is sharpening each one of you and that you are setting your character by!!!!!!! Pastor McCarty


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