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What is real and what is fabricated?

What is real and what is fabricated?

Are you type of person who reads the Bible and wonders did some of those things really happen, or were they simply stories or events told to us just to teach us some kind of a lesson?

Within God’s Word there are a lot of pretty wild stories, which in many cases convey some amazing acts or miracles.

First of all, let us consider the whole creation story. Here we have a supreme being (God) creating everything from nothing and bringing all things into being by the mere speaking of His word. Then, we have the account of a world-wide flood that covers the whole earth with water. The only humans who survive are Noah and his wife, and their sons and daughters-in-law. And from those few people the world was repopulated.

And, what about the stories of Daniel in the lion’s den and the three men in the fiery furnace. Really, could Daniel have survived a night with a pack of lions without being ripped to shreds? Or do you think those three faithful fellas would have been able to endure the unbelievable heat of the fire breathing furnace and not even sustain any physical damage to their bodies?

And one final thought, can you and I actually believe the truth of the Gospel which says we have been saved from sin, death, and hell by a man named Jesus, who was nailed to a cross and died a miserable death?

Yes, we most certainly can because each of these amazing, miraculous situations came about by the loving, almighty hand of our Lord Most High. And since these events have also been recorded in God’s Holy Word by those writers, who wrote by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they can be received as ultimate truth and reality at its purest level.

There are many stories and tales that are the product of meaningless fabrication, but you will not find any of those in the Holy Scriptures. Let us test all things against God’s Word because in such a way we will be searching for the truth. You will know the truth and the truth we set you free and set you straight, especially when it comes to salvation in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! Pastor McCarty


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