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What is your confidence level?

What is your confidence level?

In a day and age, when things seem to be changing at an alarming rate, where is your confidence level resting at. Are you comfortable where you are at in this present stage of your life? Are there concerns which are heavy on your mind and weighing you down? There are so many factors that come into play as we take a survey of our life and our life’s situation as we know it today.

None of us has the amazing ability to see the future or to have a solid grip on controlling what will play out as the days, weeks, and years unfold. Can this be an unnerving feeling for us to deal as human beings? I believe we can probably all say yes to such a thought-provoking question. Yet, there is a way to help us address this unsettling feeling about the unknown future that lies before us in this world.

There is a song I heard many years ago which really helped me get my mind moving in the right direction, a direction I believe God led me in. The song I am referring to is this one made popular by Kathy Troccoli: “My Life Is in Your Hands”. The words to this song really express the wonderful blessing there is for us, as people of God, when we place our trust and future in the hands of Jesus.

Life can be so good, Life can be so hard Never knowing what each day, Will bring to where you are Sometimes I forget, And sometimes I can't see That whatever comes my way, You'll be with me My life is in your hands, My heart is in your keeping I'm never without hope, Not when my future is with you

Chorus: My Life is in your hands and though I may not see clearly, Lord I lift my voice and sing

Cause your love does amazing things, Lord I know my life is in your hands.

Nothing is for sure, Nothing is for keeps All I know is that your love, Will live eternally So I will find my way, And I will find my peace Knowing that you'll meet my every need My life is in your hands, My heart is in your keeping I'm never without hope, Not when my future is with you Chorus: When I'm at my weakest love, You carry me Then I become my strongest love, In your hands


I trust you Lord My life is in your hands.

What a beautiful ideal this is for you and me to live by as we turn ourselves over to the protection and loving hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In Him all worry, want, and dread of the unknown is gone for He truly is in control of the future!!!!! Pastor McCarty


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