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What's happening!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you ever look at what is going on in the world and even closer to home in our country and wonder What’s happening? The world and this country of ours seem to be in a tale-spin, and they are nosediving towards the ground. Is there no hope and is this just the way things are going to turn out no matter what you or I try or do to change it? Frustration and fatigue seem to have a tight grip on us as we consider the immoral condition things appear to be in.

If you feel in such a manner, then you can relate to how the prophet Elijah was feeling almost 2600 years ago. This man of God boldly stood up and spoke for the Lord on Mt. Carmel, when he called out God’s challenge on the gods of the pagans, King Ahab, and the prophets of Baal. Of course, the Lord God Almighty clearly defeated and shamed these gods, in a test of power and authority, and then those prophets of Baal were slaughtered as a punishment for their idolatry. Yet after all this success, Elijah’s life was threatened by the king’s wife, Jezebel, and this servant of the Lord had to escape for his own survival. Thinking he had done something noble for God, and believing he was in a favorable and comfortable position, Elijah is now scared, confused, and despairing about his unexpected situation.

Thankfully the Lord did not leave Elijah in this state of hopelessness and misery. He came to this frightened and distraught servant and put his heart at rest, letting Him know that He (the Lord) had everything under control. Elijah was comforted with the soft and encouraging words of God which conveyed to this prophet that he was not alone in his faith and there were others believers left to serve with him. Thus, Elijah gained restored hope!

Dear children of the Father, you and I are not alone either. The Lord has promised to never leave us or forsake us. Jesus has promised to be with us, and He has sent us the Holy Spirit to strengthen us in our walk of faith. He has also surrounded you and me with fellow brothers and sisters of Christ. The culture around us may be spinning out of control, and the future may very well look gloomy, but be of good cheer for our Triune God has all things in hand and He will bring about His will in this world and country in His time and in His way. He merely calls us to trust in Him, be obedient to His will, and let Him take care of the rest. Sounds great to me, how about you? Pastor McCarty


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