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Which one are you!

In the section of Scripture that deals with the parable of the “Good Samaritan” there are a number of people involved. First, you have the lawyer Jesus is confronted by concerning his eternal destiny. This man’s questions and concerns about gaining eternal life and knowing who his neighbor was is what prompted Jesus to share the parable to begin with.

In the story itself there is the man who fell among the robbers. He was lying along the road and was severely battered, beaten, and in no shape to help himself. Then, we have the priest, a fellow Jew, one serving the Lord in the temple, who came upon the man and walked by not wanting to get involved. Next, is the Levite, a worker in God’s temple, who also scoots by the hurt and helpless victim, maybe not wanting to take the chance of being defiled. Finally, there comes a “Good Samaritan”, a man looked down upon by the Jewish believers, who stops to assist the poor, injured man. He gives the man immediate help and then sees to it the man has a place to stay and additional necessary care. This all happens with the Samaritan having no regard for the nationality or religious position of the person he was helping. And there was no concern for what it would cost to provide for the victim’s well-being.

So, the question I have for each of you is this: Which person do you see yourself being in the story? Are you the lawyer, trying to justify your righteousness? Are you the Priest or the Levite, devout men of God and servants of the Lord, that seem to have little compassion for the helpless and hurting? Or are you the “Good Samaritan”, the one having compassion, love, and care for those in need of help and healing?

In reality, what Jesus was ultimately trying to convey is that He is the “Good Samaritan”, and we are the man lying in the roadway. We were beaten, bruised, and battered by sin, death, and the devil, and were in bad shape with no hope for help. Jesus came into our world and by sacrificing His life for us, rescued us from an outcome which would certainly end in eternal death for each of us. He wrapped up our wounds created by sin, and He set our feet upon a solid rock (Himself), where we would be safe and could enjoy the blessings of hope and spiritual healing.

Jesus is the “Great Physician of both body and soul. He is our rescuer and our everlasting King, Lord, and friend. He will never walk by us and leave us for dead for His desire is that we have life abundantly both now and forevermore. Thank you, Jesus, for stopping to help us when there was no one else who could help us in our tragic situation! Pastor McCarty


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