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Working for the world.

There is an old saying which says, “Time changes but people do not.” With regards to such a statement, I would have to conclude that the desires of human beings to accumulate worldly possessions and succeed at life has been a driving force in the lives of most people throughout history. Individuals will work hours upon hours at a job to climb the ladder of success and make more money, so they can buy more “stuff”. With this kind of focus it can blind a person from seeing the reality that there is something beyond this world which carries far more importance than anything we can amass or strive for in this earthly life.

According to Solomon, life is meaningless, the nearest thing to zero. But remember, you have to add the phrase “under the sun,” because that is the perspective Solomon was writing from: a human vantage point. It is only when we get to chapter 12 in the book of Ecclesiastes that we look at life from above the sun–that is, from God’s perspective (a heavenly perspective).

Solomon stated his conclusion that life apart from God is meaningless, and starting in Ecclesiastes 1:3 he gave us evidence for his conclusion: “What advantage does man have in all his work which he does under the sun?” In the Old Testament, that word translated as “advantage” is unique to Ecclesiastes. It literally means “profit.” Solomon was a bottom-line kind of guy, so he took the business concept of profit and applied it to life under the sun. He was saying, “Is there really any profit that comes from living for this world? Do the good things really exceed the bad things in life?” And this man, who was the richest person who has ever lived, seems to imply that the answer is no–at least, not under the sun.

As Christians we need to stay focused on the Word of God and continue to pray for His guidance in helping us to seek the things of a heavenly nature, where there is an eternal value and a treasure which will not disappoint us. Jesus is a priceless treasure that we must hold on to, even when everything else is lost in the end! Pastor McCarty


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